Trainings & Workshops


Learn To Read Energy

June 12th- August 21st

 Your answers are within and my intention is to train you to utilize gentleness and awareness to open to the Truth and assist others to do the same. Together we will work to develop your ability to articulate what you feel with empathy, compassion and creativity. As an energy reader you are holding sacred space for others to experience their own healing path, you are not advisors you are stewards of a higher vibrational way of living, one that inspires growth and awakening without projection and control. At its core this practice will bring you home to your heart and allow you to feel good, feel childlike again and release the need to be or do anything that isn’t in alignment with your essence. 

The Intuitive Training Course Includes:

  • Foundations in energetic healing: Practices for self care, clearing and grounding.
  • Exercises and visualizations for reading yourself and other people including: Energy, purpose, gifts, lessons, relationships and past lives
  • Basic working knowledge of the chakra system
  • Practices and visualizations for clearing and balancing the chakras
  • Learn a step by step process for creating a powerful container to heal yourself and others through intuitive reading.
  • An interactive and supportive community that cares about your healing and learning process.
  • Learn the art of empathetic articulation of you feel, for the benefit of all beings.
  • Honest and clear communication strategies for energy reading.
  • Monthly 30 minute coaching or reading with Jaime

More information:

  • This 3 month training course is available online through meeting software.
  • Course Fee is $795.  Payment plans are available. 
  • Maui residents will have the opportunity to attend the course in a classroom setting Upcountry with Jaime.
  • Classes will meet for 2 hours every other Tuesday commencing June 12th and wrapping up on August 21st. 
  • Class Time TBD
  • Following each class students have the option to join a bonus Yin yoga class for an additional fee.
  • All classes will be recorded and sent directly to your inbox. This will allow you to have access to all material if you need to miss a class.
  • In between class meetings you will have the opportunity and are encouraged to practice reading with your classmates.

Please contact Jaime with any questions.

Are you ready to:

  • Step into your power
  • Break old patterns
  • Understand the wisdom of emotion
  • Develop the skill of deep listening
  • Heal energetic blocks and trauma
  • Ignite your childlike essence and imagination
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Be more trusting
  • Experience more love and connection
  • Have more FUN
  • Gain a better understanding of your gifts
  • Raise the collective awareness