Intuitive Reading

Providing Insight and clarity for a more balanced way of life. 

 What sets me apart from other readers is my deep well of empathy and artful  articulation.  

My mission is to reveal to you the essence of your experience in a new light.  Providing a grounded perspective that will allow for energetic blockages to dissolve in the moment through awareness. 

Give yourself the opportunity to feel validation and acceptance for what is.  A reading will offer you more freedom and a willingness to engage wholeheartedly with the uncertainty that is life.

How does it work?

 Sometimes we just want some quick support and validation on everyday challenges and decisions.  Other times clients need regular sessions with me for an extended period of time to receive intuitive guidance and coaching to navigate major life transitions or healing from trauma and grief. 

First, I create a safe and sacred energetic container through intention, then I tap into your energy field through my intuitive guidance system. We gently explore the energetic invitations that are being presented for you to awaken and grow.  We look at what blocks are ready to be released and cleared from your Chakra system and learn best practices for YOUR self care. 

By reading your energy I am able to help you identify what patterns are operating in your life and how to take simple action steps using mindfulness to break the cycles that are keeping you stuck in habitual responses.  It is the law of attraction and my intention is to identify simple ways to shift your energy from attracting what you don’t want to what you do want.  This allows for more space in your system, for your natural essence to radiate and magnetize that matching, vibrant, and pure energy.

Book A Session

Reading sessions are available in person or on the phone.

Animal Intuitive Sessions are also available. If you wish to learn more about your pet, contact Jaime to set up a pet healing session.

  • Develop a deeper connection with him or her.
  • Your pet is exhibiting symptoms of illness
  • Your pet is missing

Do you feel called to develop your intuition? Do you want to learn how to tap into your intention and read energy? Contact Jaime to hear about her next online training or one-on-one training opportunities.


$75 for 30 Minute Reading
$150.00 for 60 Minute Reading

Sliding Scale Available 

Reading Packages

CHAKRA MAGIC: 7 (1Hr) Sessions exploring and clearing 1 Chakra at a time. $899

EMPOWERED GODDESS: 5 (30 min) Sessions Restoring Balance of the Masculine and Feminine to manifest a specific life goal or desire. $350

PEACEFUL WARRIOR: 3 (1Hr) Sessions devoted to addiction recovery  $400

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