“…a clear and uninterrupted channel through which intuitive information flows.”

I received an intuitive reading from Jaime today and I cannot praise her enough. We began with a prayer and instantly I felt connected to and protected by Source. As Jaime dropped into the reading, she was so clear and incisive in naming some of my innermost challenges that her ability to intuitively read me was established beyond question. Jaime’s command of language and imagery made it possible for her to articulate in very concrete ways some old psychic wounds I’ve been encountering. She described with uncanny precision the reverberations of these wounds in my days. Then, she offered wonderfully healing suggestions as to how to make new choices to recalibrate these old patterns and blockages. At the end of our call, I felt seen, heard and held not just by Jaime in all her giftedness and open heartedness, but by loved ones from the other side. Ancestors, guides and guardian angels became part of the experience in a palpable way. I received exactly the counsel I needed for my current journey. When Jaime and I hung up, I felt hope and help more closely at hand than I have in a long time. Thank you Jaime. You are indeed a clear and uninterrupted channel through which intuitive information flows. You are the real deal. Mahalo!

Eanlay Cronin

Alameda, CA - 2017

“Her wisdom, empathy and down-to-earth attitude really appealed to me.”

A reading with Jaime is insightful, pragmatic and truly spot on. I particularly appreciated her skill for tapping into an issue, identifying the energy blockage and recommendations on how to release the block. Her wisdom, empathy and down-to-earth attitude really appealed to me. I’ll be back for another reading soon!

Jen Marshall

Boulder, Colo - October 2017

“I recommend Jaime as a partner in your personal development!”

My intuitive reading with Jaime was the first I’ve had, but I was totally at ease. Nothing seemed forced or uncomfortable, it was fun! She had interesting insights into how past lives could manifest into my present day behavior patterns. I loved that she had suggestions for actionable items to cultivate acceptance of this season of life and help transition into what is next. Jaime was very supportive and I left the session with an increased sense of calm. It was nice to carve out some time to reflect on where I am this moment and see myself from an observer’s perspective. I recommend Jaime as a partner in your personal development!

Erin Esber

Denver, Colo - October 2017

“I’m blown away by Jaime’s clarity and intuition.”

I must say, I’m blown away by Jaime’s clarity and intuition, and the way she used it to see into my past life and identify my blockages. I loved how she provided space for me to understand why I’m blocked, and then gently and practically guide me towards the light by giving me small practices to do when my fear pops up again. This filled me up with so much natural courage and shifted my whole way of looking at my days. I can really see how I was doing things in the name of “hard work” and “long hours” that were pinching off how good I’m really destined to feel, and also cutting corners with making my living space feel good. I am already treating myself kinder, and doing more in terms of self care, which includes making my house and my car (my “spaces”) really feel like my kingdom. I am worth it. We are all worth it. Thank you for getting me to see that Jaime. It’s only when I do this for myself, that I can truly treat others this way too.

Brian Chris Rogers

Sacramento, Ca - September 2017