Work With Jaime

Work With Jaime If:

  • You desire healthy loving relationships and want to break the cycles you’ve been living in. 
  • You feel called to develop your creativity through performance or healing arts OR both! 
  • You need more PLAY in your world. 
  • You are inspired to make a major career change and say yes to your dream life. 
  • You have childhood trauma and feel inspired to move beyond the limited behaviors that keep you feeling afraid to grow. 
  • You want to break the pattern of addiction/codependence or you are in relationship with others who are living with addiction and codependency. 

Jaime’s Philosophy​

Jaime values the power of authenticity and curiosity as tools for relaxing into the uncertainty of life. She aspires to guide you to connect with your own intuition and let compassion be the light that illuminates your way. Jaime has a strong connection to Mother Earth and channels messages from her heart to yours. Her favorite place to be is deep in the woods or in the ocean.  She was born on the East Coast, lived in the Colorado Rockies, the deep South, the San Francisco and Maui.  

Jaime believes that every challenge is an opportunity to go deeper within and get more free.  In order to move through these challenges with grace and courage we need to know there is a safe place to land.  Jaime offers this container to her clients, she also gives you a clear understanding of what the invitation in your energy is.  Leading you to trust your own guidance system and developing a harmonious and Intentional way of being.  When you feel safe to let go, and you give yourself permission to be exactly who you are in the moment then change will happen.  Mindfulness and compassion are the touchstones of Jaime’s offering to her clients. Her approach to transformation highlights gentleness as the key to creating lasting and powerful integration. Jaime offers you a profound yet light-hearted approach to revealing and then releasing what is being held in your system energetically.   

With a Master’s degree in communication, 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Certification in Intuitive Energy Reading, Graduate of The Way of Shambhala, and additional training in Contemplative Psychology and Mindfulness, Jaime has an astute understanding of energy and is a gifted channel. Her background in the live music industry and desire to explore her own creativity keeps her tuned in to to her own heart and mind. 

Jaime feels a deep sense of gratitude for the teachers who have supported her on her healing path and is devoted to assisting others on the path of personal transformation.

I am immensely grateful for my family on the East Coast and to all of the teachers and guides I have had the great fortune to meet on the path, you have given me the tools to do this work with courage and compassion. Mahalo to: Aleka Thorvolsen, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Keith Borden, Astrud Castillo, Alex Crow, Andrea Brooke, Anodea Judith, Christy Reagor, Sandra Ladley, Melissa Moore, Susan Arensan, Cody McGough, Julie Cobb, Nicole Sacchitella, Luna Paige Smith, Sarah Henley, Melissa Fedi, Ella Marcantonio, and many more. Thank you also to Ani Pema Chodron, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyoung Mipham Rinpoche.